'Tick Boom' Expected This Summer

    Lynchburg, VA - A long, cold winter is expected to cause a "tick boom" in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions. Scientists from Tufts University are predicting a tick population explosion this summer, especially from the type of ticks that carry Lyme Disease. Experts say abundant snow and a wet spring created ideal conditions for this tick boom. Public health officials say Central Virginia will likely see a big tick explosion as well. So you have to be extra careful this summer. Wear long clothing when possible, avoid thick brush, and do a body check at least once a day. "The important thing with ticks is if you can get a tick picked off of you, even if a tick bites you within twenty-four hours, your going to avoid most of the tick borne diseases," Environmental Health Manager Steve Simpson said. If you have a bite that looks like a "bulls eye", or remains red and irritated after a day or so, call your doctor.

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