Sweet Briar Students Light Candles In Memory Of Hannah Graham, Local Missing Persons

Sweet Briar, VA - With one light, Sweet Briar College students pray not just for the life of UVa student Hannah Graham, but the hundreds of thousands of missing persons across the country.

"It's never happened here, but it is a national plague and it is something that haunts every president in the United States," interim president James F. Jones Jr. says.

Jones is speaking from experience. In 1999, while he was the president at Kalamazoo College, junior Neenef Odah shot and killed his former girlfriend, Maggie Wardle, then turned the gun on himself.

"What we have to do as educators is point out why it is morally wrong. Period. End of story. To victimize people that happen to be women. It's just a moral imperative that we speak out," said Jones Jr.

Nene Jones is the president of Sweet Briar's Help Save the Next Girl chapter. She says the vigil came together after a student became touched by Graham's story.

"Women need to be more aware. We shouldn't be walking alone. We should always have our cell phones charged. We should let people know where we're going," said Nene Jones.

President Jones says the college isn't changing any policies, but that it comes down to education to help save that next life.

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