Suspect Connected to the Samantha Clarke Case

Nelson Co., VA - Randy Taylor's arrest in Alexis Murphy's case has brought up questions about similar disappearances over the past couple years.

Morgan Harrington, Samantha Clarke and Alicia Showalter Reynolds also went missing. Harrington and Reynolds were later found dead. Clarke has never been found.

One case though, has a definite tie to Alexis Murphy.

Samantha Clarke's disappearance from Orange County has so much in common with Alexis Murphy's case, that Orange County investigators were in Nelson County Monday.

The common denominator in both cases is Randy Taylor.

It will be three years next month that anyone has seen 19-year-old Samantha Clarke, but Orange County Commonwealth's Attorney Diana Wheeler says the investigation has always been open and active.

One of the people heavily considered in Clarke's disappearance is Randy Taylor.

Taylor called Clarke's cell phone several times the night she went missing, but he has never been charged with anything in her case.

Wheeler said his arrest and charge in Murphy's case is a step in the right direction for them.

"You always want to look at those connections because you never know where your investigation will take you so law enforcement agencies do try to keep each other in contact about developments like this so everyone can sort of look at their own case again," said Orange County Commonwealth's Attorney Diana Wheeler.

In Monday's press conference in Nelson County, officials said they are looking at the similarities in the cases, and are considering all information.

We were unable to get in touch with Samantha Clarke's mother, Barbara Tinder, to see how she feels about Taylor's arrest.

Alexis Murphy's aunt Angela Taylor had some strong thoughts on Taylor's involvement in another missing girl's investigation.

"If in somehow that this man was connected to that other case of the missing girl in Orange I hope that he, by some grace of God, gives them that information so they can close that case. Because, I understand how that family feels," said Alexis Murphy's Aunt Angela Taylor.

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