Study Says Central Virginia Expected to Grow

Lynchburg, VA - Central Virginia is growing fast, and only going to get bigger in the coming years. That's according to a new study from the Charlottesville-based Weldon-Cooper Center.

A construction company says they are excited about the potential in the area. Crews are busy carving out lofts and retail space on Lynchburg's Main Street.

Phillip Jamerson is one of the people with a hand in the project and an eye on the area's economy. He chooses his words carefully when talking our economy.

"Our economy, as well as it seems to be doing, it's better but it's still very fragile," said Phillip Jamerson, President of J.E. Jamerson & Sons.

The Weldon Cooper Center, a Charlottesville organization, foresees a population in Region 2000 that continues to expand. More people often means more construction.

Brian Gleason is with Lynchburg's Economic Development Office. Growth for our area is expected at 16 percent over a decade.

"It's really unheard of for an urban core to grow at that pace," said Gleason.

Our handful of colleges and universities and healthcare are two reasons behind the growth. More people means more wear and tear on Lynchburg, though, that means infrastructure investment before the population pops.

"We need to look and make sure that things like our infrastructure, our housing inventory and things like that match up to the needs of our growing population," said Gleason.

And as a businessman, Jamerson sees an interstate as one big investment needed.

"That would connect Charlotte, Atlanta, all the way up to D.C., so that's a pretty important corridor there," said Jamerson.

Brian Gleason with the City of Lynchburg also says he believes that our healthcare system, infrastructure, and housing can accommodate the growth that this new study predicted.

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