Students Respond to Donald Trump's Speech

Lynchburg, VA - Thousands of students and residents packed the Liberty University campus to hear billionaire Donald Trump speak at convocation Monday.

LU officials even had to set up extra places for the overflow crowds to view the speech.

Trump says he accepted LU's invitation because he has so much respect for the Falwells. As a gift to the university, Trump waived his speech fee for LU, which is a big deal considering that fee ranges in the millions.

In return, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. gave Trump an honorary doctorate of business degree.

Students were expecting to hear about Trump's business endeavors and how he reached his success. They got a bit of that, but Trump spent most of his time talking politics and stating what he says is wrong with the country's current direction.

Trump shared his bleak outlook on the country and even went as far to say that the way the country is being run is "horrible".

"Let's start by saying that our country is in serious trouble."

With Representative Michelle Bachman in the foreground, Trump took jabs at President Barack Obama's handling of the nation's economy and loss of manufacturing jobs to China.

"The world is laughing at us. We're like a bunch of patsies. China is taking advantage of us like no one has ever done before," said Trump.

His tone came as no surprise to some students.

"I expected every single thing he said. I expected the Obama bashing," said Joshua Sanders, a student.

But what they didn't expect was Trump's openness about his faith, something he rarely talks about. He said discovering God was his greatest lesson in life.

"I'm a very proud Christian ... and a real Christian," he said.

"Frankly I was surprised that he was a Christian. I didn't know him. I didn't know that much about him. It was really awesome," said Samuel Montgomery, a student.

In true Trump form, he gave some tough business advice.

"Don't let people take advantage of you. Get even. "

But he says it's not only his no nonsense attitude that has kept him on top.

"You've got to love what you do because if you love what you do, you work harder, said Trump.

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