Students Learn to Soar in Multicopter Video Project

    Lynchburg, VA - It's not your everyday high school class.

    E.C. Glass students, including junior Caleb Slaughter may look like they're flight training a drone.

    "You got to keep reminding yourself okay if I go right, I have to go left," said Slaughter before his second flight attempt in a daunting training course with a bar, two hula hoops and two landing pads.

    But that's only part of the project. The rest is behind the white walls in the basement of the Academy of the Fine Arts. A classroom is transformed into their laboratory. It's part of a program developed by Vector Space, a local nonprofit, providing students with technological and manufacturing education. The six students are in the middle of creating a multicopter video project to fly above the Virginia 10 Miler.

    "They're designing everything themselves, so when I say they designed the air frame, they've done that in a CAD program and they've basically made everything from scratch," said Adam Spontarelli, the director of education for Vector Space.

    What's created from scratch will ultimately be recorded on a camera and captured in real time through a pair of goggles.

    Elise Spontarelli, Exec Dir Vector Space (23:36 - 41) "We want to bridge what students are learning in the classroom with how they can make a career out of that," said executive director Elise Spontarelli.

    It's an ongoing process with an opportunity of a lifetime for the Multicopter team.

    "Some things may not work and you have to figure out another way to fix it," said Slaughter.

    Students have three more classes before the 10 Miler. After shooting, they'll learn to edit video and present the final project at the Academy of Fine Arts in October.

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