Shoppers Flock to Danville for Their Black Friday Shopping

Danville, VA - Folks in Danville were coming out in droves to catch the Black Friday deals.

Some stores opened at 10 PM on Thanksgiving, and people were ready and waiting to get inside.

Despite the fact that Danville doesn't have some of the popular stops like Best Buy or Macy's, many shoppers from outside the area came to Danville to shop.

Shoppers say there are benefits to shopping in smaller towns on the busiest retail day of the year.

Shoppers from far and wide flocked to Danville to take part in the Black Friday frenzy.

"We had so much more traffic than we expected and that was just phenomenal," said Amanda McBride, Operations and Marketing Manager at Piedmont Mall.

The mall has seen a decline in its number of stores over the years, but she says that didn't stop shoppers from coming out to catch the sales.

"We have Sears and they had major deals on electronics, and we have Radio Shack and they had awesome deals out this morning. We have the stores you want to go to and buy your Christmas presents, " said McBride.

"Danville's definitely a retail hub for the surrounding area so we've seen people coming in from the surrounding counties and even North Carolina to shop in this community, " said Danville - Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce President Laurie Moran.

Despite the lack of some of the big box stores you can find in other places, Moran said more and more shoppers from outside our area are coming here to avoid some of the longer lines and hassles that come with shopping in bigger cities.

"I actually got this for $5 at Old Navy. I drove down last night after Thanksgiving just to go Black Friday shopping here, " said Brittany Hopkins from Lynchburg.

"I'm from Raleigh, North Carolina. The crowds in Raleigh are just unbearable so it's just easier to shop here, " said Kristi Leff.

What's great for shoppers is great for the Danville economy.

"As people support our local businesses, it supports jobs, it supports the local economy and it just helps to make this a more thriving community, " said Moran.

Some shoppers in Danville who got a later start say they were still able to grab great deals at stores like Target and Walmart.

Also, local stores like Danville Appliance and Lou's Antique Mall had sales from 30 to 50% off, as well as extended hours to accommodate the holiday traffic.

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