Sen. Mark Warner Will Not Run for Governor, Stay in Senate

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner says he will not seek a return to Virginia's governor's mansion.

    In a statement issued Tuesday, Democrat Warner said that while he enjoyed his term as governor, he will not leave the Senate to seek another four years as governor. He said too much of the nation's business needs to be addressed for him to leave Washington now. He cited immigration reform, a 21st century energy plan and work on the economic recovery.

    A Quinnipiac University poll last week showed Warner would dominate a gubernatorial race with either announced Republican, Ken Cuccinelli or Bill Bolling. The poll showed that with Terry McAuliffe as the only announced Democrat in the race, next fall's election would be anybody's game.

    Warner governed from 2002 to 2006.

    Learn more about Warner on his website.

    Read Warner's complete statement Tuesday:


    "Overthe last year, a lot of Virginians - Democrats, Republicans, and independents -have approached me and asked that I consider running for Governor a secondtime.

    Believeme, being Governor was the best job I ever had. I was so proud that wewere able to bring folks together, put partisanship aside, and together wemoved Virginia forward.

    Whenfolks approached me about running for a second term as Governor, I told themtwo things: first, I felt that it was better to make a final decision after the2012 elections. And second, I said I would give it serious, heartfeltconsideration - and I have.

    I'vetalked to a lot of Virginians I respect, and I've talked about it with my family.

    Butwhen I asked Virginians to hire me as their Senator, I made a promise to cometo Washington to try to be a problem solver. I have to admit, it's beentougher than I expected. But I've tried to keep at it.

    It'swhat I've been trying to do through my bipartisan work to fix our debt anddeficits. And you know, I'm actually more optimistic by the day thatwe'll be able to get it done.

    Buteven if we avoid the fiscal cliff, we still have much more important work to dohere in Washington: immigration reform, improvements to education. Westill need a 21st century energy plan, and we still have a lot morework to do to strengthen the economic recovery.

    Allof these issues will also require tough choices.

    Iloved being Governor, but I have a different job now -- and it's here, in theUnited States Senate.

    Ihope my value add in Congress is to continue working hard every day to notsimply blame the other side, but to actually try to find common ground so wecan get stuff done.

    Attimes, it's been frustrating. But I believe this work is important forVirginia, and for our country, and I intend to see it through.

    Ihope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving holiday. And pleaseknow that as I count my blessings, one of the things I'm most grateful for isthe opportunity to continue to serve the Commonwealth."

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