Secret Room Found During Hylton Hall Demolition

Danville, VA - Demolition crews tearing down Hylton Hall in Danville discovered something very interesting.

The building that housed part of Dan River Incorporated and caught fire in 2012, but it wasn't all destroyed. In fact, just recently a room was discovered intact.

Bobby Marshall can now show you the ins-and-outs of this small room that held a big surprise. But for years, the secret spot remained a unknown to almost all employees at Hylton Hall.
As owner of Marshall Construction, Marshall heads up the demolition of the building. His crews told him about their discovery.
"They were excited, they thought they found something really valuable," said Marshall.
Maybe not monetarily, but Marshall knew the library of paychecks, records, and Hylton Hall history would be valuable to someone. So he called President of the Schoolfield Preservation Foundation Carol Handy.
"There were books and ledgers boxes of material to the ceiling," said Handy.
Some of the records date back to the 1800s but the last piece of evidence of someone being in the room is a calendar from 2004.
"It kind of verifies why the foundation is here," said Handy.
Handy will now collect all of the materials and preserve them. Then Marshall will finish demolition, keeping his eyes open for any other hidden treasures.
The demolition crews plan to finish tearing down the whole building in about a month.
The Schoolfield Museum plans to display the findings. If one of the checks has your name on it: tough luck, they are all void now.
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