Scientist Talks Climate Change at Lynchburg College

Lynchburg, VA - Penn State Professor and notable climate change author Dr. Michael Mann spoke at Lynchburg College Monday.

Mann, a former UVa professor, was involved in a 2010 climate science investigation, by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

A detailed investigation later found Mann innocent of any scientific misconduct.

Mann is a published author and outspoken proponent for putting an end to climate change.

At Lynchburg College Monday, he spoke about his research.

"We have to make it clear to our elected representatives that this is something that we can't wait on, we have to tackle it now. Because every year of inaction means we're committing future generations to more and more severe impacts of climate change" he said.

Mann sits on the National Academy of Sciences and has eight published works on the effects of climate change.

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