Robert Hurt Tour Danville and Talks Fiscal Cliff

Danville, VA -- Congressman Robert Hurt made his way through the Southside Tuesday on his first official visit since he was sworn into the new Congress. He stopped by Danville Community College and the Welcome Center, among other places in the city.

Congressman Hurt said how important it is for him to continue making visits to the area. He was sworn into the 113th Congress last week.

Hurt says he wanted to take the time back home to tour the District and find out the needs of the people he represents.

When asked about the fiscal cliff and why he voted against the legislation, Hurt said that he thought some parts of it were good. Referencing the stable tax policy and the income tax that was made permanent for most Americans.

There were things Hurt was concerned with, though, including not making an effort to reduce the spending in Washington and reforming programs. He says at some point they have to find an agreement in Congress.

"As we look to the 113th Congress, it's a new Congress, it's my hope that we will be able to find common ground in cutting spending and balancing the budget and that's what I will be looking forward to in this Congress," said Hurt.

After his visit through Danville, Hurt planned to stop in Blairs and make his way to northern Virginia Tuesday night.

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