Roanoke Officials Want to Compact Dumpster to Eliminate Trash

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke officials are getting rid of the trash downtown. They want to make the outdoor dining season as pleasant as possible, so the city put a large compacting dumpster in this empty space just off Market Square.

The dumpster will act as the receptacle for the entire Central Business District, which includes more than two dozen restaurants.

City leaders decided the unsightly practice of curbside trash pickup, in the downtown area, had run its course.

"It's unpleasant during the really peak hours for a lot of our restaurants and retailers. And with outdoor dining season right around the corner this seemed like a timely effort," said Matt Klepeisz with downtown Roanoke Inc.

The dumpster will be enclosed with a fence and will be up and running by July 1.

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