Richland Dr. Home Completely Clean Now

Lynchburg, VA - We've followed the story since the beginning of a family many would label as hoarders. After weeks of work, the home's finally clean and remodeled!

The home on Richland Dr. in Lynchburg held more than 130,000 lbs. of trash. It's taken dozens of volunteers nearly a month to remove all of it.

Neighbors and members of LU's Campus Serve helped out this weekend.Some helped arrange furniture..donated by Interfaith Outreach.

And Leesville Landscaping contributed mulch to help finish up the front yard.

"The landscaping's coming together, the inside has come together, so it's all finally coming to a close. it's starting to look like a real home," volunteer Heather O'Hara said.

The family is expected to move back in sometime next week.

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