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Rare Twin Alpacas Born in Charlotte County

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Charlotte Courthouse, VA - Owners of a farm in Charlotte Courthouse say they have seen a miracle: the birth of twin Alpacas.

Normally if an Alpaca gives birth to twins one or both will be stillborn. However, both of the alpacas are alive and doing well.

On November 15, Kary Reynolds looked out her window to see a surprise: a baby Alpaca running through her field.

"I knew she was gonna have a baby but I had no idea that I would get twins," said Reynolds.

It was a cold night so she ran out to catch the baby and put it in the barn. To her surprise, she saw another one running as well.

"My wife called and said, 'Come home, come home! I'm having twins, I'm having twins!'" said Reynolds, Kary's husband.

"I'd thought I'd won the lottery," said Reynolds.

Now over a month later the once ten pound baby Alpacas are growing every day. A little girl, ButterCup and her brother, Butterbean.

Their wool is extremely soft, so Reynolds says she plans to shear them in the spring and hopes to learn how to spin the wool. More than anything, the Reynolds are thankful to have two healthy twin Alpacas.

"It's always great to have a new baby, but when you have two- that's just unusual and so nice," said Reynolds.

The Reynolds say they do not plan to ever sell the twins. They want them to stay together on the farm.

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