Pulaski County Makes Milestone In Tornado Recovery

Reporter: David Tate

Pulaski, VA - It's been nearly six months now since tornados touched down in Pulaski County plowing through several dozen homes. Today marks a big day for that community's recovery. The first home rebuilt from the ground up is finally finished.

Six months of stress flows from Delaina Gallimore's eyes as her daughter and husband soak in a prayer that is not only for them, but for a whole community.

"Actually, ready to get it over with and get on with our lives. Ready to enjoy our new home and just be together again," said Gallimore after the ceremony marking the event.

By accepting this key, the Gallimores mark the beginning of the end of a process that literally took this community by storm.

Tye Kirkner is Pulaski County's building inspector. For him this day is proof that this community has been able to turn its darkest day into a new direction. A direction that has seen Pulaski, as a whole, start upgrading their community and not just those affected by the storm.

"Changed a lot. The hope of my home values and those kinds of things and new starts in life. So it's changed in a lot of ways and it's very exciting to see," said Kirkner.

And now a benchmark for the community that the Gallimores have accepted; care in the form of 5,000 volunteer hours used to build their home; the 43-thousand dollar bill covered by grants and private donations.

"It's just been incredible. A bad, bad thing into this wonderful thing," said Gallimore.

In all, more than 600 families needed help after this disaster. And while today's ceremony celebrates the first fully constructed home, there are still 19 homes that are currently under construction or will still need significant rebuilding efforts.

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