President Obama Campaigns In Roanoke

Roanoke, Va. - More than 3,000 people came out to see the president. Concerns over rain dampening the event almost came true. But in the end, the President's speech went off without a hitch. As President Obama took the stage, the crowd, forgot all about the rain that had been threatening all day and focused on the reason they were there.

"The problem we got is a stalemate in Washington," said President Obama. J.M.U. student Dean Stubbs expected a speech meant to rally the base, but hoped for a little more. "I want to hear more funding for public schoools and hopefully a good job outlook when I graduate," said J.M.U. student Dean Stubbs.
Subjects the President spent time talking about.... but that wasn't all. Over 40 minutes, the President touched on much of his record, including the killing of Osama bin Laden and the ending of the war in Iraq and his victory passing the Affordable Health Care Act. But his primary focus was on the other side as a whole... rarely mentioning Governor Romney's name.
"I just want to point out that we tried their theory for a decade and this is what it got us: We got the slowest job growth in decades. We got deficits for as far as the eye can see."said President Obama. While two sides were evident throughout the speech, the President made clear that the only way to move forward is to not move back and to somehow come together as a country to finish what he, as President, started in his first three years.
"And over these last three and half years... I know times have been tough and I know change hasn't always come as fast as you like. But you know what? I've kept that promise. I thought about you. I fought for you," said President Obama. It's exactly what Stubbs was hoping for.
"So to be here and to be so close to him and to hear him speak was amazing," said Dean.Earlier in Friday, the President was in the Norfolk area and plans to spend Saturday stumping in Richmond. One side note, medical personnel had to treat 21-people at the rally, mostly for heat-related issues.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Roanoke, Va. - More than 3,000 people showed up in downtown Roanoke to hear President Obama speak Friday night. The president spoke about why he should be re-elected to office. Obama's traveling party included U.S. Senator Mark Warner and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine. Tonight on ABC 13 news at 11, David Tate, James Gherardi, and Carleigh Griffeth was in Roanoke for the event. They will bring you complete coverage of campaign visit from President Obama.

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