Patrick Dempsey and Bruce Jenner Race at VIR

Halifax Co., VA -- Celebrities invaded Virginia International Raceway Friday. Actor Patrick Dempsey is racing in the American Le Mans Series this weekend, and Olympian Bruce Jenner is racing in the Lamborghini Series.

Patrick Dempsey was just on the set of Grey's Anatomy earlier this week. Even with that busy schedule, he made time to come to one of his favorite tracks.
From the lights and cameras of Hollywood to the action of racing, Patrick Dempsey, also known as Dr. Derek Shepherd or McDreamy, turns in his doctor's scrubs for a firesuit.

"I've always loved cars and racing and speed," said Dempsey.
When Dempsey isn't shooting the ABC hit Grey's Anatomy, he loves to be behind the wheel, racing in American Le Mans Series, which brought him here to VIR.
"It's one of those iconic tracks that you like to come race at," said Dempsey.
Dempsey says it's tough to strike a balance between his two full-time careers.
"There is a lot of demands you know at home, personal, and then career. I had to take a red eye in here because I worked all day," said Dempsey.
But racing and acting can compliment each other. From acting he says he's learned the art of listening and reacting.
"The same is for a car, you listen to it and you let it tell you what to do," said Dempsey.
In another race, another famous face. Olympic athlete turned reality show star, Bruce Jenner, will race in the Lamborghini Series at VIR with his son, Brandon.
"I had heard about it a lot but never had the opportunity to come here," said Bruce Jenner.
In their first race together, they hope to place.
"We're just going to go as quick as we can, try to drive smooth, I'm going to try to keep up with this guy," said Brandon Jenner.
VIR owner, Connie Nyholm says these celebrities bring out the crowds and help bring the track even more fame.
"It exposes us to the fan, the casual fan who may then develop a deeper interest in racing," said Nyholm.
Dempsey something every Grey's fan wants to know: Will this be his last season?
"I haven't made my decision yet. So I don't really know. I think it depends on how this season plays out and a couple other things. We'll see," said Dempsey.
But right after this race, he will fly to L.A. and go right back to taping on Monday.
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