Outreach Ministry Gets New Van From Clipping Soup Labels

Franklin Co., VA - Most folks know that you can get prizes for clipping Campbell's soup labels.

How's this for a prize? A local church mission just cashed in and got a new van!

Thanks to 30 years of dedication and 1.6 million label points.

The center is an outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church, and churches from across the state have been sending them labels for years.

Now, one woman who had the task of keeping up with those labels is finally seeing it all pay off.

For the last 10 years, Mary Moorefield has been clipping, gluing and sending labels on behalf of the Henry Fork Service Center.

"I like to send them in nice looking, " she said.

When she took on the project, she never would have thought that it would result in a new van for the outreach ministry.

"That van is a beautiful van. It makes me feel good, " she said.

Her husband of 63 years often sits in his favorite chair while she clips for about three hours every night.

He says her willingness to work on such a tedious task comes from her desire to help others.

"She is a loving, caring person. She really lives the love that Jesus taught us to live, " said her husband, Eugene Moorefield.

The center serves as a preschool and after-school care program for children in the community.

Executive Director Lisa Nichols says the van will help with transporting children on trips and activities, and their label clipping days aren't over.

Nichols hopes to acquire more items with their left over points.

"We're going to get iPads for the students. We've also got some playground equipment that we want for particularly our pre-school students, " Nichols said.

Mary Moorefield says she will continue to clip and ship the labels but not just because she enjoys it.

She wants to continue to make a difference in the lives of the children at the center.

"I just thought that would be a good mission for me to do. It means so much to me, " she said.

In a ceremony earlier this week, Bishop Young Jin Cho came and blessed the new van, and Mrs. Moorefield individually thanked everyone who donated labels to the center.

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