People Flood Gyms for New Year's Resolutions

Lynchburg, VA - New Year resolutions are in full effect, and for many that means shedding a few pounds, and hitting the gym.

Turns out, gyms are flooded with resolution-ers.

Management at the Gold's Gym in Lynchburg says they see a 50% increase in gym membership during January.

That 50% though, they say, will quit before April.

For many year-round gym members, there's nothing more frustrating than the first of the year.

"The ones that are here religiously, every day, where they don't have to wait for a certain machine or treadmill or what not or a piece of equipment; Now it's a couple people in front of them so you know people are having to wait a little bit" said Gold's Gym General Manager Ty Scott.

Average equipment wait time in January is a few minutes; the rest of the year it's a few seconds.

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