New "LOVE" Display Appears In Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - You may have noticed "LOVE" displays popping up all over Virginia. Well a new one has appeared right here in Lynchburg.

The Craddock Terry Hotel is now home to the newest "LOVE Works" display. It's all a part of the Virginia Tourism Campaign to show that love is at heart of every Virginia vacation.

The management at Craddock Terry Hotel says theirs took 6 months to design and build. They say they hope it will bring more people downtown.

"We love Tourism, it keeps us in business. Wouldn't that be great to have people stop and then walk in and say, 'hey what is this place?' 'What's going on," said Timechee Williams, Manager at Craddock Terry.

This is the second "LOVE Works" in Lynchburg, the other one is also downtown along the Percival's Island Trail.

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