New Book Encourages Kids to Be Active

Lynchburg, VA - A new book is helping you teach your kids about how important it is to live an active life.

It's called "Lynchburg Legs," and it follows Allegra Price, who searches for clues from Amazement Square to other downtown fixtures until she solves a mystery.

The author is local pediatrician Rachel Gagen. She was inspired to write the book by former Mayor Joan Foster's Live Healthy Lynchburg campaign.

A grant by the Virginia Department of Health is providing the book free of charge to 7,000 elementary school kids in the area.

The author says it's a story about friendship and the importance of nutrition, something she's seen first-hand.

"We saw lots and lots of teenagers who were already 300 pounds, we saw 10-year-olds who were 200 pounds, we even saw some 4-year-old who were 100 pounds which is just way too much," said Gagen.

The book will officially be unveiled on Thursday outside Amazement Square.

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