Nelson County Crowds Restless At Times During Packed Pipeline Meeting

Lovingston, VA - The debate on Dominion's 550-mile pipeline project continued in Nelson County.

Residents voiced their concerns and support Wednesday night to the commission that holds the key to approving the pipeline.

"This is the County where the opposition has been the strongest," said Dominion spokesperson Jim Norvelle.

At times, the crowd was restless. Outside, several debates waged on between people for and against the pipeline in Nelson County. More than 192 residents signed up to speak at Nelson County Middle School in front of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. FERC will ultimately decide of the project gets a green light.

Many from inside Nelson County and surrounding communities voiced their concerns.

"The justice of this is hitting me really hard because my neighborhood is cited for a compressor station and it's low-income," said Chad Oba, a Buckingham County resident.

Others welcome the project, like landowner Carlton Ballowe.

"I learned a long, long time ago that anything good in life comes with some sort of sacrifices," said Ballowe.

FERC spokesperson Kevin Bowman says this meeting was a scoping meeting, where the commission identifies relevant issues.

"Any comment that comes in is considered either by the environmental staff or their commissioners in their final decision," said Bowman.

FERC is scheduled to take public comments until April 28th. Anyone who didn't get to talk tonight can send their opinion online. You can find that here.

Dominion plans to file its application this summer, with hopes to have a certified 550-mile pipeline by next summer.

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