Musician On Leading Edge Of Chip Music

Roanoke Co., VA - A local man is making an international splash producing a genre of music most of you have never heard of called 8-bit music or "Chip Music". It's a process where you turn sound effects from hand-held 80's-era video games, into actual music. Long time local musician, Jeremy Kolosine, has been on the leading edge of this niche genre and is now having success producing albums for a world-wide market.At first it sounds like video games many of us grew up playing. But by the end... these gadgets in the hands of knowledgeable musicians become something much, much more."Chip Music" uses the simplicity of 8-bit technology in a way that has caught the attention of artists from around the world. "They basically re purposed these devices solely for the use of music... or video. Glitch art. This type of thing," said Kolosine. Kolosine has been involved in the movement for more than a decade and now releases albums, created by various artists worldwide, to pay tribute to the musicians who have inspired them including Kraftwerk, The Beatles,DEVO and now Depeche Mode. "That's one thing that is unique about it. It represents the individuality of all these people that happen to know," said KolosineThese projects are not just on a whim. They include the endorsement of the artists being honored which has given the series even more validity. In fact, for Kolosine, advice from a member of DEVO is why he decided, three years ago, to leave the professional world to become a full time starving artist."Basically convinced me. He said, "You know don't give up music when you are 50 because you might start making music ten years from now from this," said Kolosine.Three years after that advice Kolosine is making enough of a living to get by. Making enough to continue doing what he is doing which, in the end, he says is more about promoting the musicians involved than anything he gets personally out of it in the first place.
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