Mothers of UVA & VT Quarterbacks Join to Make a Difference

Kim Tarazona & Leslie Rocco

Lynchburg, VA - A pair of Lynchburg-area women are finding a little hometown fame as the mothers of the starting quarterbacks at UVA and Virginia Tech.

The mothers of Michael Rocco and Logan Thomas are using their own celebrity status to make a difference.

They're teaming up to help a Lynchburg-based charity raise some money by raffling off tickets to the big game November 26.

Kim Tarazona and Leslie Rocco are their sons' biggest fans, and they both share the anxiety that comes with it.

"We kind of go through the same things as moms in dealing with what's going on with our boys," said Tarazona.

"When you hear that sack the quarterback cheer, even if it's for the other quarterback, it makes my stomach churn because you know there's people cheering that against my son," said Rocco.

These two just discovered they've been working separately with Interfaith Outreach in Lynchburg. Rocco volunteers in the prison ministry and Tarazona is a social worker. Tarazona says she knows about the charity's heating assistance program.

"I've had the privilege of working with Interfaith about 15 years and they have helped me with quite a few of my clients," said Tarazona.

Interfaith Director Shawne Farmer had the idea to make the quarterback moms the new faces of the charity.

"What's really interesting, it was a natural fit for both of them," said Farmer.

The moms are starting by helping raffle off four front-row tickets to the Hokies-Hoos game later this month.They're hoping to raise $20,000.

"Interfaith Outreach can do a lot with $20,000 so please donate," said Tarazona.

"The Hokies and Hoos for a hand up is just a really special opportunity for us to come together and help out Interfaith," said Rocco.

The mothers admit they've become good friends and even cheer on each other's sons. The goal is to spark a big payday for the charity.

"Hopefully that they will be as enthusiastic about our cause as they are about their schools," said Farmer.

Raffle tickets for the four front-row seats can be found at the Depot Grille in downtown Lynchburg & Pokey Joes Barbeque in Boonsboro.

They are $10 a piece, and the drawing is planned for November 21.

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