Man Battling Lung Cancer Meets WWE Superstar

A Lynchburg man battling lung cancer had his wish of spending a 'date night' with his wife at the WWE fulfilled. (Dave Walls/WSET)

Earlier this month, we told you the story of Kenneth Fulcher Sr., who is fighting lung cancer.

On Sunday, Fulcher got a dream fulfilled: to see the wrestlers from the WWE with his wife and family. While thousands of fans filed in to see the superstars of the WWE at the Berglund Center in Roanoke, Kenneth Fulcher and his family made their way to a backstage area, complete with signs of support of their favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns. It's a day Kenneth and his wife Connie have been looking forward to for some time. When asked if he slept much the night before, Kenneth replied "I think I stayed up all night long!"

Wrestling has a special place in the Fulcher house. The two watch every show together, something they've shared for years. Kenneth is in the midst of battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer, and is confined to a hospital bed in the home. Granddaughter Sophia Talbott told ABC-13 earlier in June that "Papa said he would forgo any pain or discomfort on those nights and get into bed to watch wrestling with her. So it's their designated date nights."

For one night, cancer was not on their mind, as WWE Superstars came in, one by one, to greet the Fulchers, and brighten their spirits. Kisses from WWE Diva Cameron, and a bear hug from Ryback made their situation the last thing on their minds. Just before showtime, the Fulcher's favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns, stopped by to meet his biggest fan.

For the WWE Superstar, it's a moment that is uplifting to him as well, saying "When you can take a little bit of extra time to connect personally with somebody, and make a friend. That's what's awesome, the friendships, the relationships. That's what you take with you."

It's those relationships and connection to wrestling, and each other, that continues to get the Fulcher family through one of their toughest times. Sophia Talbott held a sign, featuring one of Roman's inspiring sayings. Said Talbott, "We don't experience fear, and we don't back down. It's a Roman Reigns Quote. Battling Stage Four Lung Cancer."

And the fight isn't over, says Kenneth. "...and you can believe that!"

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