Lynchburg's Four Most Dangerous Roads when Snowy

Lynchburg, VA - There are still a few slick roads, a few of which are known to be the most dangerous in the Hill City when bad weather hits.

Langhorne Road in Lynchburg near the Farm Basket is one of those trouble spots. According to Public Works, this place is dangerous for a couple of reasons. The hills make for tough driving conditions. Also it is a single lane road in both directions, and officials say people often abandon their cars, and once cars start piling up, it is really difficult for anyone to get around.

Lynchburg Communications say this was one of the better snow storms. They usually take several calls for dangerous pockets around the city.

"The overpasses and the bridges will have more icy spots there and they cause more problems," said Melissa Foster, Lynchburg Communications Deputy Director.

Over at Public Works, there was just one hiccup on 7th Street.

"We did have to shut it down for a time period. We had an ambulance that was stuck there and several vehicles stacked up behind them but we were able to clear it fairly quickly," said Gaynelle Hart, Deputy Director of Lynchburg Public Works.

Typically, during heavy snowfalls Lynchburg has four roads that always seem to cause folks a lot of trouble. Let's count them down.

The 4th most dangerous road goes to 7th Street.

Langhorne Road takes the number 3 spot.

Number 2 belongs to Wards Ferry Road.

And the number 1 spot considered the most dangerous is the Expressway from Main Street to Grace Street.

"The issue was built-up snow on the roads and people couldn't stop or get started again once they got stopped," said Hart.

All four areas have one common trait.

"I think it's basically due to the hills," said Hart.

Public Works say they are very aware these four roads tend to cause lots of problems and they do try to give them special attention. Keep in mind they have to clear primary roads first and three of the four we showed you are secondary.

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