Lynchburg School Lunch Figures Reflect Poverty Issue

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools are considering raising the price of a school lunch by 25 cents, but another number related to school nutrition is exposing a bigger problem. Currently 64% of LCS students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

"The fact that the schools are having to deal with this issue is a direct reflection of what's in the community," said Leslie Hoglund, Ph.D., Senior Health Educator for the Central Virginia Health District. "The schools alone are not going to be able to solve this problem It's going to take the larger institutions coming together in the community to say how can we really move the needle."

Councilwoman Joan Foster has been working with Hoglund and wants to improve Lynchburg's poverty situation in the next four years. She's starting by reviewing poverty studies conducted by other Virginia cities.

"Richmond's an urban area. Norfolk's an urban area. We're not as large as those two cities, but I want to get a background on what they're doing," said Foster. "Every child born in this community should know that this community cares for them and that they want them to be successful."

Lynchburg City Schools hosted a school summit last month. Participants have been invited to a special session next week, which will address how poverty affects homes, schools, and the community.

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