Lynchburg Police Department Mourns Loss From Fatal Accident

Lynchburg, Va- {}There has been a big loss for the Lynchburg Police Department family after a longtime officer's wife was killed in a car accident Thursday evening.

Sandra Duff, 70, of Lynchburg, died at the hospital shortly after the wreck on Graves Mill Road in Forest.

Her husband Herbert Duff was driving and is in the hospital, but at last check was in stable condition.

Herbert Duff and his son are both long time police officers, so this tragic accident has certainly hit the LPD family hard.

State Police say the Duffs were on Graves Mill Road trying to make a left turn, when another pickup truck struck theirs.{} When news of the accident spread, it hit the Lynchburg Police Department hard.

{}"The LPD is a family, our present employees, past employees, our retirees, and like any family we're all shocked and grief struck at this time. Everyone at the LPD today reaches out to the Duff family," said Chief of Police Parks Snead.

Herbert Duff retired as a Commander from the Lynchburg Police Department after thirty years of service. His son, Wayne Duff, served the department for eighteen years.

Their legacy of service to the community means this tragedy touches many.

{}"All of us in the law enforcement and they have many, many friends in the community all of us are praying for the Duff family," said Eugene Wingfield who worked with the Duffs.

The investigation is still developing, but State Police say Christopher Pruett,29, {}the driver of the truck that struck the Duffs, was traveling at a high rate of speed and attempting to pass them.

When he struck the Duffs, their {}truck also hit a car stopped at the intersection, but no one from that vehicle was injured.

The Police Department is staying updated and involved and mourning the loss of Sandra Duff right along the family.

"Like any family we are trying to stay in touch with the Duffs and simply see if we can do anything for them and what that might be. It's a very trying time for all of us," said Snead.{}

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