Lynchburg Furniture Program Filling Homes, Rebuilding Lives

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Todd Densmore

Lynchburg, VA- For some people in our community items like a bed, a couch or a kitchen table are hard to come by.

And, many live without furniture, because they can not afford it. But, there's a program in Lynchburg that is changing lives by filling homes with furniture and giving people hope.

When Lynchburg resident Patricia Waller moved to the Hill City she had only a few clothes and a mattress. But, with the help of the Interfaith Outreach Association's furniture program she now has a full apartment full of furniture.

"They gave me this sofa, a couch, and these end tables," said Waller.

Waller also received a bedroom dresser, two table chairs, and her favorite piece a rocking chair.

"It was really a blessing. It helped me a lot. I felt like I really had a home after they gave me the furniture," said Waller.

The program's director, Donna Snow, says before a person can get furniture, the organization must access their need.

"Sometimes we give just a bed and dresser or a sofa. And, sometimes we give everything down to the bare essentials in the home," said Snow.

Seventy congregations help fill the furniture program's warehouse, and Snow says people find more than just the makings of a new home here.

"Even though we're providing furniture, we're also providing the hope something that they can build on," said Snow.

This spring the organization hopes to create a charitable consignment shop at their warehouse downtown.Part of the proceeds would fund their furniture program, and the rest would go to help the sponsoring churches.

Call Interfaith Outreach Association's Furniture Program, at 434-846-6098.

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