Lynchburg College Student Inks Record Deal

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg College student has launched his music career.

Eddy Faulkner just signed a record deal with a label out of Los Angeles. He sings and has taught himself to play guitar, drums, piano, and bass guitar.

Faulkner has also written nearly 1,000 songs. He can credit his record deal to his Facebook page.

Faulkner began playing trumpet for his school band in the fifth grade. He discovered his passion for music then.

Now a senior business management major at Lynchburg College, Faulkner has taught himself to play numerous instruments. He even takes part in local open mic nights.

You can find his music on Facebook, Twitter, and his YouTube channel . From the social media, Faulkner has garnered a lot of fans.

Faulkner's Facebook page is what got him noticed by Laura Patterson, who owns Premier Records in LA.

"It's so awesome, you can like- find a record deal you know on like Facebook of all places," said Faulkner.

At home, people who know Eddy are proud and excited about his new endeavor.

"I think that it is totally deserving, he's a great musician and he earned every bit of it, " said Eddy's friend Anthony.

Faulkner's professors at Lynchburg College are glad he's putting some of what he's learned to good use.

"I'm sure he's using his love of language to influence his lyrics," said Dr. Jessica Brophy, a professor at Lynchburg College.

As for Eddy Faulkner, his goal is to keep putting out music and eventually do what Premier Records did for him.

"[I want to] scout out talent, sign it, manage it, that's what I wanna do- you know, later in my career but right now I want to concentrate on the artist side," Faulkner said.

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