Lynchburg City Schools Issues Statement Regarding Criminal Charges for 11-Year-Old-Boy

    Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools says there is another side to the story of the 11-year-old boy who was convicted of criminal charges he got at school.

    They say that the problem is, they can't share it. According to Public Radio International, Linkhorne Middle Schooler Kayleb Moon-Robinson was months into his sixth grade year when he disobeyed a rule to wait in the classroom.Kayleb told PRI that when the School Resource Officer tried to take him to the office, he pushed him away - and the officer slammed him down and arrested him for disorderly conduct and felony assault on a police officer.In a statement released Wednesday, LCS says: "We're at a distinct disadvantage in responding. We cannot reply to all of the specific allegations that have been made because the law doesn't allow us to discuss the specifics regarding the child or the court proceedings. The public is only hearing one side of the story, and based on our investigation of this matter, the incident did not take place in the manner in which it was portrayed. SROs play an important role in the school division, and we have and will continue to work together on procedures for when SROs should become involved in incidents involving students. We feel they are being unfairly portrayed in this matter."Lynchburg Police say they are also working closely with Lynchburg City Schools. According to a statement also released Wednesday, the officer's supervisor reviewed the incident the day of the arrest and found no violation of law or police department policy. In response to media reports, the Lynchburg Police Department has initiated a second review.

    You can read ABC 13's original report HERE.

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