Lynchburg City Council Election Results

Lynchburg, VA - New Comer, Treney Tweedy beat out incumbent, H Cary in Lynchburg's City Council elections Tuesday. Tweedy, Joan Foster, and Randy Nelson rounded out the winners. Final numbers are as follows: Joan Foster: 5,883 Randy Nelson: 5,189 Treney Tweedy: 4,931 H Cary: 3,480 Rhonnie Smith: 3,392 Keith Anderson: 3,065 All three of the night's winners were endorsed by the Democratic Party of Lynchburg. That group claimed a clean sweep. Tweedy, Foster and Nelson all ran as independents. The three they beat, were all republican endorsed candidates. Tweedy joined Nelson at the Parlor Ballroom Tuesday night. The pair was joined by the Mayor Mike Gillette, and Vice Mayor Ceasor Johnson. Tweedy was overcome with emotion. She said her victory is historic. "I'm the first African American female to be on Lynchburg City Council, to win a seat on Lynchburg City Council. So it doesn't just happen, there were a lot of people who helped support me and so I'm just, I'm grateful, I'm very grateful" she said. This will mark Nelson's second term on city council. The lawyer said he's anxious to continue the progress he says he saw in his current term. "I think we accomplished a great deal over the last four years and that was not because somebody claimed an association with a party or with a particular pledge or with a particular philosophy. We were working to solve real problems that face all Lynchburgers with common sense and logic and reason and that's the way I hope we'll continue to approach the problems with Lynchburg" he said. Foster held a separate celebration at her home Tuesday. She was joined, she said, by the people that made her re-election to what will be her fourth term, possible. She said this year's election was less about politics, and more about the future of the city she's served for 12 years. "We've had different viewpoints, we have different backgrounds, we're diverse. I mean even though we were endorsed by the same people, I just am over the top tonight. I think Lynchburg citizens have definitely spoken about the forward direction our city is taking. I think they went to the polls today and said yes, we want to continue this" she said. Wednesday morning, the official canvass will determine final voter turnout numbers and the results will be certified by the Lynchburg registrar.
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