Lynchburg Business Prepares for Paul Ryan's Visit

Lynchburg, VA - Election 2012 is coming to Lynchburg Tuesday. Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan will be campaigning in the Hill City. The rally is at ACS, Automated Conveyor Systems. ABC 13 went inside to learn a little more about the business that will be Ryan's backdrop.

Six weeks ago, Automated Conveyor Systems got a call: they made the shortlist for a Romney-Ryan rally in Lynchburg. Mike Shenigo is CEO at ACS.

"Well, I'm glad. I mean, It's an opportunity for our people,"{}said Shenigo.

It's also opportunity to showcase his business to Lynchburg and the country. In 15 years, ACS has grown from less than 100 employees to 190 today. Products made here are shipped across the globe.

"Most of our equipment has gone into corrugated box plants, so we've got equipment throughout the world. And we do just what the name says: it's an automated conveyor system," said Shenigo.

For Political Professor Vincent Vecera it's no surprise Paul Ryan is rallying at ACS. Highlighting small business has become tradition for Republicans, with Mitt Romney's "You Built It" slogan. But, why send Ryan to Lynchburg? Turns out, Ryan's after the Republican base.

"Smart resource management. You don't pick Paul Ryan to be your Vice Presidential nominee to win over independents. You pick Paul Ryan as your Vice Presidential nominee to fire up the Republican base," said Vecera.

For Vecera, Election 2012 comes down to voter turnout. That means each party has to get its base to the polls. Doors open at 9 a.m. Tuesday. The program's expected to start at 11 a.m.

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