Luxury Christmas Light Tour

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg, VA - So many people like to ride around and look at the impressive Christmas light displays in our area. We found a way for you to see them in style, and it's a pretty smart business idea too.

Premier Limousine, a Lynchburg limo company, is offering a "Christmas Light Tour." They got the idea from a limo company in Richmond and say it's been a big hit here.

"It pretty much took off pretty quickly," said Elizabeth Harrington, owner of Premier Limousine. "Someone had called me and wanted to know if we did the tacky light tour. And I thought, 'What is that?' And we looked it up and thought, 'We can do that here!'"

Now for about $30 a person, you and seven of your friends can rent a limo for two hours and check out our area's brightest and craziest Christmas lights. With the 25th fast approaching and the temperature dropping, Premier Limousine says the luxury light tour is becoming more and more popular.

"You can really have a good time," said Harrington.

The Harrington's have even made the Christmas Light Tour a family tradition of their own.

"O yes, we do it every year. We take our grandkids," said Harrington.

On this night, they stop at one of the biggest displays Bedford County's got. For the Harringtons, it's a light tour, but it's also a few moments spent together.

"You can get in a limousine, you can have your family with you, you can have a good time... quality time with your loved ones," said Harrington.

Premier Limousine will run its Light Tour until the end of the month. But if there are still lights up in the New Year, owners say they'll still take you around.

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