LU to Host Presidential Candidate Gov. Rick Perry

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Todd Densmore

Lynchburg, VA- Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be speaking at convocation at Liberty University Wednesday morning.

Political experts say LU is becoming a hot spot for presidential hopefuls. LU has hosted Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and even President Ronald Reagan. Officials say it is great exposure for the students, but political experts say it's even better for the candidates.

LU officials say on Wednesday national media, and thousands of students will pack the Vines Center for Perry. They also say they don't' expect any extra pomp and circumstance.

"It's going to be a regular convocation. We didn't invite a presidential candidate; we invited the Governor of Texas," said Johnnie Moore, V.P. for executive projects at LU.

Right now Perry is leading the pack in the GOP presidential race. Perry is not hurting in the conservative base and political experts say conservative leaders gain a lot from making a stop at LU.

"It's definitely a place where conservatives, or socially conservative candidate come and develop a sense of legitimacy," said Steve Bragaw, a government professor at Sweet Briar College.

It's something students recognize as well.

"The greatest thing about him coming here to Liberty is that he's affiliating himself with who his base is," said Zach Martin, chairman for the college Republicans at LU.

Bragaw says LU is becoming the go-to place for conservatives during campaign season. With thousands of students expected to attend, Perry's visit could put even more fire in his campaign.

"It definitely helps shore up that base and get people fired up, particularly in this day of social media it. People will tweet about it and write about on Facebook," said Bragaw.

If you want to get hear Perry speak at the Vines Center, be sure to get to LU early. Convocation starts at 10 a.m.

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