Local Veterans Weigh-In On Airstrikes

Lynchburg, VA- United States warplanes bombed Islamic militant fighters in Iraq Friday after President Obama said the United States must act to prevent genocide there. As ISIS militants close in on the Kurdish capitol, two F-18 fighter jets dropped 500 pound laser guided bombs on a mobile artillery piece. Secretary of State John Kerry says there's now a humanitarian crisis unfolding. The U-S also launched a mission to save lives - air-dropping water and food to thousands of families in the northern part of Iraq.

Those airstrikes have the veterans at Lynchburg's Monument Terrace talking. Some say the turmoil in the Middle-East is none of America's business, others say America needs to step up in a big way and put an end to the mass violence overseas.

No matter what the opinion, each veteran echoes the truth that they support our troops and want them home.

ABC-13 also spoke with Gleaning For The World. They say they are looking into how they can send supplies or help the Christians that are being specifically targeted by ISIS extremists.

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