Local Doctor Weighs In On Jamisha Gilbert's Toxicology Report

Marijuana use is not commonly linked to the way the Commonwealth's attorney says Jamisha Gilbert acted that night. However, with marijuana being the only thing that came up on her toxicology report we asked a local doctor to weigh in. Jamisha Gilbert was an 18-year-old girl with hopes of one day becoming an atattorney .Unfortunatelyhat came to an end on December 4th when Lynchburg Police found her naked, lifeless body in a briar patch near Route 460. "It appears that after Jamisha Gilbert ran approximately 2 miles, She got entangled in a densely wooded briar patch. Eventually she succumbed to her injuries and mental state by lying down in the wooded area and dying of hypothermia" said Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Doucette. A toxicology report shows Gilbert had traces of THC in her system from the puffs of pot investigators say she smoked before she died. However, there was no evidence of any other illegal substance. In a diary entry released by the Commonwealth's attorney, Gilbert revealed she had strange thoughts whenever she smoked marijuana. "The effects can vary from person to person, {}anywhere from the euphoria to dry mouth" said {}Dr. Andrew Pielick Police say even Gilbert's mother advised them she was known to act 'crazy' after smoking marijuana. Dr. Andrew Pielick says marijuana use can lead to unusual behavior in some people. "Underlying mental disorders, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety can certainly make things a lot worse" said Pielick. Dr. Pielick says toxicology reports would definitely be able to detect if the marijuana was laced with any other substances. Ultimately in his report, the Commonwealth's attorney states the stress of family issues, along with the effects of smoking marijuana and the car accident seemed to push her over the edge. In the Commonwealth attorney's report, it also states that Jamisha Gilbert undressing could have been associated with hypothermia. However, there is not enough evidence to conclude if it was the hypothermia or the marijuana.
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