Liberty Baseball Team Getting New Stadium

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University is putting the finishing touches on its new baseball stadium.

The school says it will be ready in time for the team's first home game.

The entire field, except for the pitcher's mound, is made up entirely of Astroturf. The coach says they'll be able to play more games on it and it'll be easier to maintain.

Instead of cheering fans, the buzz of power tools surrounds Liberty University's new baseball stadium.

The team took to the field for their first practice on Wednesday, which is sitting in the middle of a construction zone.

"Everything isn't done yet. But we're gonna have turf to play on, hopefully the dugouts will be done, open up a little concession stand and hopefully get a lot of fans out here this weekend," said Head Coach Jim Toman.

The school says weather, not construction has delayed the Flames' first home game against Penn State until Saturday.

But the head coach is confident the Astroturf will give them a home field advantage.

"Basically, we're gonna be able to practice a lot more and we're not gonna get rained out," said Coach Toman.

Center fielder Ryan Cordell hopes the new facility will improve his batting average.

"We're gonna have four big batting cages, so I'll be able to get extra swings," he explained.

This new stadium will more than double fan seating capacity, be equipped with two suites, a student patio, fire pit, and a playground for kids.

On the field, the players say you'd be surprised the difference a larger crowd can make.

"Fans are good for at least a run, maybe two a game. But, just the niceness and the atmosphere and the feeling of the new stadium is gonna be a bonus for everybody," said Trey Wimmer, the starting catcher.

The stadium was originally estimated to cost about $8 million, but school officials say they don't have a total price tag just yet.
The first home game begins Saturday at 1 p.m., followed by a doubleheader beginning noon on Sunday.

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