Keeping Pipes From Freezing in Frigid Temps

Lynchburg, VA - Tuesday's freezing cold temperatures could mean some problems for your plumbing.

Contractors say there are some precautions you need to take with your pipes in the cold.

That's especially true if you have an older home, or you're in a mobile home, which may have some of its plumbing exposed to the elements.

A few tips; if your pipes are not insulated, keep a steady trickle of warm water running through them. Also, removing hoses from outside faucets, with valves open could save you a lot of trouble, and money.

"You need to know where your main shut off is so that when you find a leak, you can cut it off. If not, the main thing you need to do is crack a couple of valves or valve and let the water be just circulating some" said contractor, Perry Karnes.

Both plastic and copper pipes can freeze.

A burst pipe can spew hundreds of gallons of water and leave thousands of dollars' worth of repairs.

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