Joe Bush Retiring as Hampden-Sydney A.D.

Reporter: Dennis Carter

Hampden-Sydney, VA - Hampden-Sydney College is losing a legend at the end of this month.

Athletics Director Joe Bush is retiring, capping a combined 41-year coaching and A.D. career, the past 25 years with Hampden-Sydney.

"I just feel like the time is right. Want to spend some time with the grandkids and do some travelling. And I just think it's time to go," Bush said.

Bush says it's been a great ride. After playing football and baseball and graduating from VMI, Bush served three years in the Army, attaining the rank of captain. He coached football at Bridgewater and VMI before coming to Hampden-Sydney in 1986. Bush coached the Tigers for 11 years and has guided the athletics department the past 19 years.

"I'm really pleased with the coaches that I've hired. I think we've got a great staff and we've got guys that have been here for a while. And you know we're not coaching coaches and they stick around," Bush said.

One of those coaches is football's Marty Favret, who's gonna really miss his boss.

"He's one of my best friends, he's been a great mentor. I'm gonna get a little emotional here, Joe's the man. And uh, we all appreciate what he's meant to this school. I've never met anyone in this state that's had a bad word to say about the guy. 25 years of service and I think so much of him," Favret said.

As do all the people who know Joe Bush. The people are what Bush will miss the most.

"I think the day-in, day-out dealings with the coaches and the athletes. I think that's gonna be difficult," Bush said.

And what about that transition from being at school all the time to being at home?

"Yea, it's gonna be real tough. I may go out to the golf course and be a cart boy or something like that. But I'm going to stay busy, though," Bush said.

Bush wouldn't have it any other way. Besides football, he's also coached tennis and golf at Hampden-Sydney.

Congratulations Joe on your retirement. A job well done!

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