Interfaith Outreach in Lynchburg Needs Donations

Lynchburg, VA - Interfaith Outreach in Lynchburg says they are flooded with people coming in for heating and rent assistance.

This year, they are giving out more money than past years, to make up for cuts in funding at other organizations.

One way they're fundraising is through a raffle for tickets to the Virginia Tech/UVA football game.

Wednesday morning on Good Morning Virginia, we'll be drawing the name of the winner.

The Executive Director says so far, they've only raised about $3,000 - way down from previous years.

"It has varied from year to year. The very first year it was $8,000, last year it was about $6,000 so I am still in the process today of collecting tickets throughout the community," said Shawne Farmer with Interfaith Outreach Association.

So the total is still out.

Find out how you can help here.

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