Interfaith Outreach Helping Families for 30 Years

Lynchburg, VA - Interfaith Outreach of Virginia celebrated its 30th birthday Sunday! The organization helps relieve distress and improve the quality of life for people in the community.

In Lynchburg they celebrated by holding a "Birthday Party" of sorts at Tresca on 8th.

The organization heads up numerous programs all geared towards helping others.

For 30 years now Interfaith Outreach has been there when families just need a little help.

"Some heartwarming stories but also some tragic stories, we see a lot of people who are going through a very very rough time," said Loretta Robinson, who is with Interfaith Outreach.

Celebrating 30 years of helping those in need, offered a chance for reflection.

When you go in and you can fill somebody's home with furniture and they are so delighted that they turn away and start crying, and seeing kids finally have a bed of their own, fantastic," said Robinson

Interfaith Outreach has a program called Furniture and Furnishings. It provides usable furniture to those who are unable to afford the cost of basic furnishings. The program has helped hundreds of families, in many different situations.

"Two families had experienced domestic abuse and fled to get away from the violent environment and started with nothing. They added a little bit, and then we were able to add sofas and beds," said Shawne Farmer, who is also with Interfaith Outreach.

In June, when our area was rocked by a violent wind storm, Interfaith outreach was there again, assisting families in any way they could.

There were more people who lost food, than lost their home, more people because obviously the electrical breakdown. We were happy to help people out with food the best that we could," said Robinson.

Interfaith Outreach has contributors and donors from all walks of life, but organizers say one thing will always unite them.

"The one thing we all have in common is we are joined together by our desire to help people in need," said Farmer.

Proceeds raised from Sunday's event will go to help fund their Emergency Assistance Program. That program helps families who are faced with a utility cutoff, eviction notice or foreclosure on their home.

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