Hundreds Expected at Campbell Co. Bull Sale

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr | Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Red House, VA - A family at a Campbell County farm shows what it takes to prepare for one of the largest bull sales on the East Coast.

Every year about 350 bulls are sold at the Knoll Crest Farm. The Bennett family has been holding auctions twice a year since 1971, and Friday's is expected to draw 400 to 500 people to their farm on Friday. The family says it's been growing mostly through word of mouth.

Three breeds of bulls, Angus, Herefords and Gelbvien graze through Knoll Crest Farm. Paul Bennett, his brother and a few workers herd dozens of them into a corral where they'll wait until Friday's auction.

They'll sell anywhere from $1,800 a head to as much as $10,000. Bennett says one year, a bull went for $71,000. He says that's extremely unusual.

Their cattle have ended up in California, the Midwest, and even been exported across the globe. Bennett says people coming to Friday's auction will primarily be from the Southeast.

All of bulls are tagged and numbered and a description is recorded in the catalogue given to every bidder. It lists their breed, date of birth and special characteristics which will ultimately determine how much they're sold for.

Their bulls are so valuable, Knoll Crest Farm even reserves the right to collect semen after they're sold.

But it's the customers that keep the Bennetts looking forward to each sale.

"We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with people, really great people from around the state and the country," said Paul Bennett. "So that's the best part for me."

The Bennetts say their ideal cattle have calves that are born easily, grow rapidly, have quiet dispositions and good maternal instincts. Friday's auction begins at noon and is expected to last about two and a half hours. More than 130 bulls are on the auction block.

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