Gretna Man Nominated for Prestigious Equestrian Award

Gretna, VA-- For the past 17 years a local man has made a career out of training and showing horses all around the world.

Bruce Griffin of Gretna has made history, gaining national honors in the equestrian world, and now he's been nominated for another national title.
He's been nominated by the United States Equestrian Federation for "Equestrian of the Year".He said it's a huge honor and never imagined he would get this far in his career.
It all started with a boy that took on his father's passion for horses.

"I went professional at 12-years-old. My dad was involved with horses and I was able to go to the show horse barn and expand my horse career to the show horse world," said Bruce Griffin.
He later started Griffin Sport Horses in 1996.
"We take other people's horses, we train them and we show them all around the country. We ride, we drive and we also show the horses in hand and halter," said Staci Griffin, Griffin's wife."
Ever since, Griffin has been winning top titles, some of them making history.
"Bruce was actually the first American invited and permitted to handle Friesian stallions at Hengstenkeuring in the Netherlands and he had the honor of meeting Queen Beatrix and receiving a token gift from her," said Staci Griffin.
On top of that, he's the only horseman ever to receive the title of Equestrian of Honor twice from the United States Equestrian Federation. Now he's up for the most prestigious title, "Equestrian of the Year." It's something as a young boy Griffin never imagined could happen.
"Did I know I could go his far? No way. No one could ever imagine accomplishing what I was able to accomplish in a short amount of time," said Griffin.
He said his passion for horses and the help from his mentors throughout the years, is what's brought him to this highlight of his life.
"Very humbling," said Griffin.
For Bruce Griffin to win Equestrian of the Year, he needs your help. This is the first time voting is open to the public for this award. If you'd like to vote for him, click here.
The deadline to vote is midnight on Monday December 30.
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