Neighbors Speak Out on Homicide in Campbell County

Tony Witt

Campbell Co., VA - Officials say the man who is a person of interest in the second homicide in Campbell County is in custody.

Deputies arrested Anthony Dale Witt, 26, of Lynchburg just before 4 p.m., Tuesday, but not before they say he damaged two cop cars while they were trying to stop him.

That arrest comes after a neighbor found the body of Barbara Floyd Martin, 53, Monday after not seeing her for some time and growing concerned.

The woman who says she found Martin's body did not want to go on camera, but told ABC 13 Martin was very warm-spirited and loved her grandkids. Other neighbors did go on camera.

"I never see nobody suspicious over here, it's just older people," said neighbor David Foxx.

Foxx is baffled over what happened.

"She didn't deserve it. I hope they find out what happened," said Foxx.

He describes Martin as a very sweet woman.

"She's always waving, she's very sweet. I see her walk to her mailbox all the time, I always stopped and said hello to her," said Foxx.

In fact, he says that was the last time he saw her.

"About a week ago. She was at the mailbox and I stopped and said hello," said Foxx.

Other neighbors we talked with say they are a bit on edge.

"Very nervous and sorrowful," said Jane Davis.

"Scary. Unbelievable," said Jerry Nares.

We stopped by Martin's home. No one came to the door, but there was a truck parked out front. We stopped neighbor after neighbor to see if any of them recognized Tony Witt's mug shot. Everyone we asked said, 'No.'

Investigators are now saying the cause of death is still unknown. But they say Martin had physical trauma to her body.

"Appeared to be a knife wound and possible blunt force," said Sheriff Steve Hutcherson.

The reason behind the homicide is still up in the air, but officials believe they are getting closer to a motive.

"There was a crime committed that involved money whether that was motivation for this crime I couldn't tell you," said Hutcherson.

Campbell County has activated its regional homicide squad. They have another murder they are still working from Friday. The victim in that one is James Payne, 89. They are saying there is no connection to these two homicides.

If you have any additional information about either case, call the Campbell County Sheriff's office at 434-592-9574.

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