Lynchburg Bakery Gets Wall Back Up; Open for Holidays

Truck drove into the Sunny Kitchen on Bay Street November, 12.

Lynchburg, VA - Business has been steady this holiday at the Sunny Kitchen in Lynchburg after a truck went through it one month ago.

The week before Thanksgiving, a truck went through the bakery's window when the driver failed to stop in time. A temporary wall was up for weeks. Now, it's all cleaned up. The wall got completely fixed just one week ago.

Christmas Eve, the Bay Street bakery has its Christmas Eve regulars keeping them busy. But, the last couple weeks, they had by few problems and made-do.

"It really wasn't too bad, but it's really nice to have it finished. It made our store smaller and made it look like it wasn't finished," said Truman Miller, owner, Sunny Kitchen.

The Sunny Kitchen will be open Friday, Saturday and New Years Eve this week. They'll close up shop a couple weeks in January and open back up January 15th.

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