Former Halifax Co. Sheriff Sentenced to 10 Months in Jail on Embezzlement Charges

Halifax, VA - Former Halifax County Sheriff Stanley Noblin learned Thursday morning that he'll be spending 10 months in jail.

His punishment comes after he admitted he embezzled $103,930 from Sheriff Office's funds and used it for his own personal use.

By the time of Noblin's sentencing, he had not paid any of that money back.

He has been ordered to pay it back on a schedule of $1,000 a month if he gets work release, or when he is released from jail.

In the courtroom, Noblin's attorney explained that the defendant and his family are facing tough financial times and just simply have not had the money to pay the Sheriff's Office back.

Noblin's and his family put their house for sale and will use the equity from the sale for restitution. That will cover about half of Noblin's payments.

What may have helped Noblin's case was the 12 people who came and testified about Noblin's good character.

Judge Leyburn Mosby said he's never seen that many people rally in support of a defendant.

"Justice also has consideration for mercy and I think that this judge very fairly weighed all of those factors and I think it was clear from the judge's comments that it was a difficult case for the judge,"said Glenn Berger, Noblin's attorney.

Noblin's sentence also includes 24 months of supervised probation and 5 years of unsupervised probation.

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