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Forest Teen's Recovery Exceeds Doctor's Expectations After Motocross Accident

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Forest, VA - Micah Anderson , 14, and his brother Josiah had been riding motocross for about a year and half, when they started riding at a training facility in South Carolina. In July of last year, on Josiah's birthday, the two were warming up on the track when Micah fell off his bike after a small jump. Josiah, who was riding behind him, didn't see Micah and landed on his brother's head. "He came riding up just freaking out screaming, his face was pale, and he said 'I think Micah is dead" said Micah's father Shawn Anderson. Shawn Anderson held his son's unconscious body for 45 minutes until the medics airlifted him to a hospital in Charlotte. "He was barely breathing, just taking really short shallow breaths. Every time he took a breath I thought that was it , he's dead that was his last breath" said Shawn Anderson Micah's parents say he suffered a traumatic brain injury and doctors were unsure if he would make it through the night. Although the prognosis was bleak, Micah's parents say they couldn't comprehend how serious his injuries were. "It seemed like a cruel joke. He's right there you are looking at him physically but where is he. He's not there, his mind's not there" said Micah's father. His father says one day he was in the room with Micah when he stubbed his toe on the hospital bed --- and he heard Micah laugh. "That was the first time he responded. I pulled a chair up next to him and started talking to him trying to get him to laugh and he just started laughing." Shortly after, Micah surprised them again by uttering words. "That's when the doctors said we might as well get rid of our textbooks" said Micah's mother Katja Anderson. Since then Micah has been working with a physical therapist in Norfolk to help him gain mobility. May is National Mobility Awareness Month and Micah's family has shared his story for a chance to win a custom wheelchair accessible vehicle. In hope, one day, Micah will be able to watch his brother ride again. "To win something like that to be given something like that, would be amazing" said Katja Anderson. To win the custom wheelchair accessible vehicle, the Anderson's must first get the most votes. As of Wednesday they've collected over 15,000 votes. Voting ends Saturday, May 10 at 6:30 a.m. . If you would like to vote for the Anderson Family go to and click on the 'Local Heroes" tab. Then under find a local hero search 'Katja Anderson'. You must login to vote and can vote once per email address a day.
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