Firefighter Gets New Prosthetic Leg to Help Him Fight Fires

    Lynchburg, VA - Brandon Page is an amputee and volunteer firefighter in Gladstone, and Thursday, he got a new leg to help make fighting fires a little easier on him.

    Page has been a volunteer firefighter for 4.5 years, and he's had a prosthetic limb the entire time. He says the need for a new leg is to increase his response time.

    Virginia Prosthetics granted his wish and created a brand new leg to help him do just that.

    Page wasn't born an amputee. In 2001, he had a freak accident on his motorcycle. The throttle got stuck and Brandon went off the road into trees, only yards away from his parents' house.

    "Later to see my neighbor putting the lower half of my leg in a cooler," said Page.

    The impact pinned his leg between his motorcycle and a tree.

    -"When I got to the hospital that's when the doctor told me they couldn't re attach my limb."

    He credits a nurse that lived next door and the medics' quick action for saving his life. To give back, Brandon committed himself to a life of fire and rescue.

    "I feel that the community did a lot for me during my accident and now it's my turn to give back," said Page.

    He passed all the tests and joined the team. But he felt one thing kept holding him back.

    "The extra time it took me to get dressed, a life could have been saved," he said.

    That's when Page called Jeff Pullen with Virginia Prosthetics. Pullen made a special leg that will stay in Brandon's boots. So when he needs to act quickly, he can jump right in - boots, coveralls and all.

    "He's very impressive, I am proud of him," said Pullen.

    The new leg can also better withstand heat and water.

    Brandon can't wait to test it out.

    "I'm excited because now I can give the other guys a run for their money at getting dressed," said Page.

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