Fellow Officers Helping Lynchburg Officer Fighting Cancer

Lynchburg, VA - Fellow officers establish a fund to help a Lynchburg Police officer fighting Cancer. Officer Jordan Spaeth, 26, was diagnosed with testicular Cancer in December.

He's from New Jersey. She's from Texas. They met at Liberty University and made Lynchburg their home.

Jordan and Katie Spaeth thought they didn't have any family here. They were wrong.

"The brotherhood, you know. The best way to describe it," said Jordan Spaeth.

"We really could not have done it without our second family," said Katie Spaeth.

They're referring to their law enforcement family. Jordan had only been a Lynchburg Police officer for three months, when he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in December.

Spaeth is also a member of the Police Benevolent Association, a group of officers helping officers in times of need.

"He's not able to work full time. He's on light duty right now and he can't work any extra jobs," said Detective Kevin Poindexter, President of the Blue Ridge PBA chapter.

The Blue Ridge Chapter of the PBA has set up a recovery fund, to help Spaeth with medical and travel expenses to Johns Hopkins.

"Just knowing that some of their needs are going to be met by our efforts is thanks enough," said Poindexter.

"Jordan just started there in September and we've had so many people bending over backwards to help us, and they don't really know us," said Katie Spaeth.

"You hear about stories like that, but to know your buddy, who you're riding the streets with, has got that, you know got the cancer, is just something that a lot of guys don't think of," said Jordan Spaeth.

Fortunately for Officer Spaeth, backup is on the way.

You can make donations to the Officer Jordan Spaeth Recovery Fund at any Wells Fargo bank branch or online.

You can text COPS JORDAN to 85944 to make a one-time $10 donation through your cell phone bill.

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